Stranger in the Penthouse-Sunday Photo Fiction


The construction workers walked out of the job, leaving the penthouse complete and the elevator operational, citing lack of safety measures as cause of their strike. I was left on my own up there.

The view was spectacular, but I had other stuff on my mind. Like what to write for my next post.

I caught a glimpse of someone taking a photo from afar. The place looks like it is out of a Disney film. The picture came up on my e-mail, someone was tracking me, and I was scared.

I turned some background music on and watched the waves of the sea under the grey skies.

Whoever it was after me was making their way up in the elevator. I watch it rise, 1,2,3,4…!

Before the doors opened I rush down the staircase. I run to the point from where I had seen the photo taken. Imagining that whoever had taken the photo was now alone in the building watching me.

I take my camera out and take a picture, and send it to my e-mail, to my computer in the penthouse.

Then summoning up courage, I make my way back to the building, step in the elevator and press top floor. The elevator climbs and opens. No one’s there, but I hear footsteps run down the stairs.

I see the picture on my computer. I look out the window and catch a glimpse of someone taking a photo from afar. And I start writing with the music in the background.


5 thoughts on “Stranger in the Penthouse-Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. I like this. By the way the photo is a picture of a mansion in Belmopan, Belize under construction by a petroleum magnate. There are no concrete boom trucks or pumpers there. Everything is mixed and applied manually and completed from the top down.


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