My routine

I omit the letter A:

This morning I woke up, which is something: My phone buzzes me, it’s seven o’clock. I leave it on snooze, to spend the next half-hour dozing, listening to digital FM, which I left on through the night, which is common with me. So I climb out of bed, choose some clothes, get myself to the shower, rinse, brush my teeth, get dressed, then redo my bed. Now I need some food, so I go to the kitchen, pour milk into a bowl with shreddies. Not forgetting to drink some coffee with my pill. I’m bright eyed.

Next mission shopping: first to the fruit and veg outdoor shop where people buy scoops for one pound. Bought some golden delicious, cucumber, peppers, celery, plus lots more. It weighs tons: big scoops! Next the big shop where they stock everything you might wish for. Cruise the rows with a trolley, picking off the shelf necessities, thinking of the lovely dinners in store. When satisfied to the counter go to insert a credit card. Filled and content off to the Citroen to drive home.

Lunchtime: Burger with condiments, with coffee to finish.

Now I go for my brisk stroll. I end up in the reference section of the book building to peruse the news. I choose the New York Times for its world news, sport, culture, not to forget business. Couple of hours gone, the Times done’n’dusted. Upon the end of my visit, I bump into someone I know. We go for coffee, this is my news, I offer, this is my news, she offers. Then it’s bye bye.

With my book, in my bedroom, I follow the story which occupies me for some hours. Sometime to write its review to post for GoodBooks.

Then dinner: Beef with fusilli with some lettuce, jelly for desert, and coffee to finish.

Now I write my blog, surfing through the net, to post the entry for this prompt.

Then time to pop some more pills, and to bedtime go.

N.B. Some events depicted were fiction due to letter omission

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