Love is to blog as blog is to love…

Love is to write a new post and share it with others
Love is living in the present
Love is empathy by reading other people’s awesome posts
Love is to become an inspiration through depth of experience
Love is becoming like a rock
Love is someone to follow
Love is the start of a thought, like a spark

Love is something which happens from nothing like a big bang
Love is making sense of a prompt by starting from the start and making one’s way through to the end

Love expands into a universe, gathering together disparate elements to create a unity
Love is to have the endurance to see through what we have started
Love is the resilience to overcome disappointment
Love is the compassion to be able to reach out to others
Love is to live with what is painful

Love is to enhance the constructive nature of ourselves

Love overcomes that which may cause harm
Love is to respond to my fellow bloggers in a complementary manner
Love is to be pleased with what I have done
Love is to thank WordPress
Love is to indulge ourselves in these precious moments
Love is recognising that everything comes from something
Love is to do something I like, and feel that I want to read this post for myself
Love is to escape perpetual self-questioning.

<a href=””>I Want to Know What Love Is</a>

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