When you wake up…

The third post in ‘Blogs I Follow’ is http://alexiusjorgensen.com/2015/03/25/when-you-wake-up/ and the third sentence is ‘When the dream stops to appear as real, it fades out and you wake up.’

Where am I?
I woke up this morning
That’s something
Last night empty
My heart in my mouth
For if I was not here where was I?
Who was I?
I was in some place
It was somewhere moist
Like a sponge
Green in a slimy way
Humid drops on my skin
Then I was drying out
Skin turning to rock
In the desert sun
Like a lizard
Cold blooded
Looking for prey
With my tongue hissing
Nothing to eat
I lick my skin
Clean for my mate
And look at the stars
With a grin
The stars make a picture for me
They tell me it’s me
So I am in space
Seen from one galaxy to another
How can this be?
My body melts burning into ash
I scatter into the grains of sand
Blow with the storm
And turn into water
Then into air
Then into protons, neutrons and electrons
I become smaller in this expanse
I am accelerating going round and round
In a circle
Where did I start?
Oh yes
In my sleep.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/third-from-the-top/”>Third From the Top</a>


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