Pizza anyone?


‘Pizza anyone?’

‘Say what’s in it anyways?’
‘Uh, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, three cheeses…’
‘Okay, thick crust right?’
‘Yeah, thick crust’
‘Is it pre sliced or do we get to cut the pieces?’
‘Uh, I think we get to cut it.’
‘Good, give me a sixth, please.’ I try the pizza, ‘Yumm, this is nice.’
‘Say, want to hear a joke about a pizza?’
‘Never mind, it’ll be too cheesy’
‘No I’m serious. Listen. This kid orders a pizza and the delivery man asks him how many slices do you want that in, six or twelve? And he says to him, six, I can’t eat twelve!!’


10 thoughts on “Pizza anyone?

  1. A nice tribute to Yogi Berra with the line about how many pieces would you like! Well done…Thanks for participating, and I hope to see you next week! Be well.. ^..^


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