Communication skills…

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

I prefer to think before I speak or write. I find it is easier to write a stream of consciousness, however, than annunciate a monologue.

Still, I look at books and think to myself, how on earth did the author come up with that? I mean plot, characters, landscapes, etc, etc. Writing is something else, isn’t it?

I suppose I like plays, or screenplays. I like reading scripts and imagining how different characters would say their lines. Then watch the film or go the theatre. Beckett is a classic favourite. His lines are so sparse and can be kind of funny. And when I see the stage set, it takes me to a different place altogether from when I read the play.

I used to think I would turn out to be a set designer, after all I worked in set construction. I imagined transforming those words and that text when spoken or acted into a landscape, some fantastical set. It did not happen but I still get a kick out of watching the lighting, the change of backdrops, in the theatre. And the same goes for film stuff.

Anyhow, I digress.

On-line we can play with characters. I definitely feel more informal when writing this blog, than in person. Maybe it’s the speaking to strangers. That a person who was once a stranger, suddenly can mean the world, in the space of one post.

In person you get the whole package, whereas with writing on-line it is stripped down to what I choose to disclose. I suppose it is very intimate, to share with everyone, personal stuff. I can’t imagine standing up in front of an audience and talking about this. But then again, maybe I can. I have given countless presentations about my own experiences. I suppose both my on-line persona and the public presenter in me can share the focus of what I am, and that is a wonderful thing.


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