The Tempest


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, Prospero and his daughter watch a storm rage, enveloping a ship. Prospero, stripped of his rights, has escaped to this island, where he has a slave, Caliban. The ship comes aground and the royal party is cast onto the island in three groups. Miranda and the king’s son Ferdinand fall in love. The king, Alonso, fears his son is dead. Antonio, brother of Prospero, and Sebastian, brother of the king, scheme to murder the king and seize the thrown for themselves. Meanwhile the court jester and the butler stumble upon Caliban, who hatches a plot to murder Prospero. Ariel reports this to Prospero. Prospero is the master of ceremonies: for Miranda and Ferdinand he stages a masque. For the king’s party a banquet which he uses to frighten Alonso, Antonio and Ferdinand. And for Caliban punishment. In the end, clothed as the rightful Duke of Milan, Prospero reunites the disparate groups who celebrate. All await their departure home.

8 thoughts on “The Tempest

  1. Wow! Your story is chock full of information! Well done! Thank you for participating in the MFtS challenge and I hope that you come back again next week. Be well… ^..^


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