On my planet…

My utopia is a dystopia*: *an imaginary community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is literally translated as “not-good place”.

In my dystopia the undesirable becomes desirable and the frightening becomes exciting, the not good becomes bad (in it’s colloquial sense).

On my planet it rains and rains and rains but the water drains away naturally, disappearing into huge wells in the ground. As the sun is always out there is a permanent shadow cast by walls that cross the planet. Rainbows, double rainbows and triple rainbows arc across the sky. Snow accumulates overnight, covering the surface of the land, which stretches to the horizon, in a white blanket. As soon as an inhabitant steps outside (for there is an inside when it is dark) the snow disappears from sight.
There are two seasons and each lasts for a day and a night. At some point in time the day becomes night and the night becomes day, and so the two seasons, which together last one day and one night, interchange with sleeping habits. One season is hot and the other is cold. In the heat one sleeps and in the cold one is awake and vice versa.
Each inhabitant lives seperately from each other, owning a property that covers large enough of an area so as never to have to have visual contact with their neighbour. To maintain each person’s estate there are a collection of automated intelligent bodies, who take the form of a ‘family’.

On my planet, visitors visit from far off lands, aliens just like you, who have learnt how to cross space and time through a heart beat. We exchange realities so that all that is beautiful in your planet, becomes part of my dystopic world. You tell me about rivers and volcanoes, mountains and pastures, oceans with fish, stars in the night sky…and we become friends.

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