In the spirit of things, having missed yesterday’s post, here’s a chance for me two kill to birds with one stone…

I am ‘half’ indian, and I love indian foods, yes hot and spicy, and I couldn’t resist taking a look at the menu of a prestigous indian restaurant, Babur, just around the corner from where I live.

Here are the main courses on the menu (yumm):

Pan-seared stone bass, fennel chutney
With South Indian fennel, green beans, channa dal, fennel pollen

Kalaunji jumbo prawns, prawn pattice, prawn pickle puree
Twice-marinated prawns with roasted gram flour and black onion seeds

Chicken Chettinad
Peppery Chettiyar masala from South India, in a rice dosa fool’s cap

Chicken lababdar
Traditional Mughlai chicken in creamy tomato with fenugreek

Chicken bhatti, brown onion gravy, carrot pulao
Corn-fed chicken breast marinated with ground black spices

Lamb dum biryani, boondi raita
Scented with saffron, spices, browned onion, steamed in a sealed pot

Pot-roasted mustard rabbit, garlic roti
Rabbit with mustard and ginger, cooked in rabbit broth in a sealed pot

Assamese duck steamed in banana leaf
Aromatically seasoned with cumin, coriander, black pepper, turmeric,with bamboo shoot sticky rice

Khasiko masu and steamed rice
Village style boneless goat curry with fenugreek and cinnamon

Steamed spice-crusted shoulder of lamb, beetroot rice
Marinated for 100 hours in a spice-rich Punjabi masala

Laverstoke Park buffalo lal maas, crispy okra, ghee rice
Clove-smoked buffalo cooked in a Rajasthani-spiced hot masala

Wild mushroom and pea dosa
Keralan crispy pancake filled with peas, potato and wild mushroom

Baby aubergines, peanut sauce, upma
Stuffed with spinach and paneer, satay-style peanut sauce, seasoned Indian semolina cake

Vegetarian thali
Paneer makai tawa masala, Green bean fogath, Dal makhni, Gobi capsicum, boondi raita, pulao rice and mini nan bread

I don’t know if I will ever visit, but the menu makes my mouth drool.

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.

Ring of Fire



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