The world of politics: I registered to vote for the forthcoming UK elections but the more I hear about the issues the more I want to switch off and disengage. I haven’t voted everytime elections come round. I suppose I shall this time, though I am increasingly coming to believe politics is a waste of time. If there was an ‘Abstention’ or ‘None of the Above’ box on the ballot paper I may cross it. Perhaps I am being overly cynical. But a change maybe a good thing, and if that means crossing for a particular party, that could get my vote. As you can see I am sitting on the fence, but this whole politics thing gets me down, I’m sorry. I expect I’ll decide when I am on my own in the voting booth, looking at the list of options and crossing for my preferences.

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Flip Flop


2 thoughts on “Voting

  1. It’s important to vote even when you are overwhelmed with that feeling of apathy. The feeling like your vote doesn’t matter. Perhaps even in places where it doesn’t matter. The very act of making a stand is a symbolic one for your soul. If you find what path you believe in and vote on it you show the universe what you want to happen – even if it doesn’t end up coming to be.


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