I love naps, at any time of the day, snoozing with the hum of the radio in the background. Now I set my alarm to wake me up, and I am in bed at the same time each day. Must be getting old. I like sleeping with the window open and a fresh breeze. And dreams? I don’t know, maybe I have them, sometimes it feels like it, just before I am about to wake up, but I couldn’t describe you what they were about, that would be telling! Three pillows a duvet and a couple of blankets, keep me warm. I do wake up at night, frequently, I don’t know what that’s about, maybe a psychiatrist could tell me, or perhaps I could get some pyschotherapy. On the other hand, I think I’ll keep my private thoughts to myself. After all that’s the beauty of sleeping, isn’t it?

Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/sleep/”>To Sleep, Perchance to Dream</a>


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