I am ‘Now and Forever’, open since December 25th 2014, responding to ‘The Daily Post’ prompts since October 11th under the name ‘Deer Radio Circus Custom’, and known ‘a priori’ as ‘Radio Circus’ after my mission to transcribe interesting radio shows from the BBC as inspiration for short form writing (which has become a project in situ).

My responses to ‘The Daily Prompts’ are irreverent but existential in manner, and occasionally become anecdotal.

With hopes that may inspire you to respond and even follow, so starting the circle of community-minded people who stick together. After all writing is a method to unite people and reading can be like experiencing life itself.

Because I love reading especially if I can talk to the authors, of which I have the opportunity everyday.

My website’s name, ‘myleviathan’, is called after the leviathan of various myths. The idea is that this site overcomes obstacles to create something universal, where I can talk about anything and everything. I am most happy at my blog. I can be free. Of course there is struggle but behind it something breathes over and over. And this is reflected in writing.

My displayed name is laurentbiragduriaud, which betrays my sex as male, and my nationality as french, with Indian heritage. Other vital statistics are: brown eyes, one metre eighty-one in height, age of thirty-seven at the time of writing this, residence of London.

I read some great blogs. By this time next year who knows where we may end up. As I was told: ‘Keep writing’ and as I tell others ‘Keep reaching for the stars’.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Thanks for liking my post. I look forward to reading more from you 🙂 I especially like the bit about talking about authors. Have you checked out my ‘Book Review’ page? Maybe you can find something interesting there 🙂 Have a good day… Cheers!


  2. Wow, thanks for response. Yes I love to read, and book reviews are a great way of expressing that love, so good for you to have book review section on your blog. Here’s to more of the same! Ps. You have inspired me to start a book review section myself. Thanks!!!


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