I am a Nearly Man

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Give myself a tagline? Okay

My tagline is ‘I am a Nearly Man’, at least that is what someone once called me. That suits me just fine. After all nobody’s perfect right?

I am a Nearly Man,
At least that’s what you think
My bent back
Or withered leg,
My hanging hand
Is all you see.
My slurried speech
Is all you hear
Because you will not listen.
And even if I could speak
What would I say worth hearing,
You’ve already decided.

Inside I’m five foot ten
Straight backed Adonis,
Striding purposefully out,
Singing sweet songs and airs.
Poems of love and wit,
Words of wisdom flowing
Just inside my lips.
And stories told
Over and over inside my head.
This ability I have
Is just a disability to you.

But which of us is whole.
Which is the nearly man.
I who think but cannot say
Or you who will not think
And cannot see the man
Not even nearly.

Martin Swords
June 2001

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